Sunday 24 April 2011

It’s your country

Goodluck Jonathan

Welcome to If na me be Goodluck Jonathan, I go...

Imagine this scenario; Your name is Goodluck Jonathan and you have just been elected as the president of the giant of Africa, Nigeria, by every stretch a complex and sometimes enigmatic country where ethnic and religious differences are still very strong, often resulting in violence and murder.

You have become president at a time some of your nation's best brains are suffocated within the country and others continue to drain away to foreign lands.

You are president of a country that once had an exemplary education system which have now so degenerated that the schools and universities are not worth their names, students cannot project upon getting into a university, when they might be graduating, if at all. The universities are a playground for cultists who intimidate fellow students and rape young girls freely.

You have become president at a time of the highest insecurity of lives and property. Unusually high unemployment forces the young to crime. Armed robbery, kidnaps and contract killings are rife.

As president, you will hear many mourning voices of your citizens who have lost their family members on the unsafe roads. The motorways don't have motorway lights, cars on the road are hardly ever insured, there is no mandatory roadworthiness test of vehicles, and people still buy their driving licences without having had a day's driving instruction.

Mr/Miss Nigerian, now the country is yours. YOU ARE PRESIDENT JONATHAN FOR ONE DAY, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?State your policy now.

How to state your presidential policy

The simplest and quickest way is to click on the comments button on this post and simply submit your suggestion.

You may also write a standalone essay/suggestion and send it to and I will post it with your name and picture if you wish.

The body of your suggestion may be written in pidgin English if you like, but the title must tie in nicely with the blog title. For instance, if you were Goodluck Jonathan and you would like to make Secondary School education free of charge, your title would need to be ...make Secondary School education free of charge. So that it reads If na be be Goodluck Jonathan, I go make Secondary School education free of charge.

Let’s have fun whilst building a new Nigerian nation.

Nnorom Azuonye